White Rhino Report

"Author Robert Kofman has written a carefully researched novel that highlights the journey that General George Meade took as he assumed command of the troubled Army of the Potomac. Kofman makes judicious use of letters that Meade wrote to his wife, Margaret, throughout the course of the Civil War. In addition, he spices the narrative with telegrams that were exchanged between Meade and Washington, outlining updates on troop movements, tactics, and strategies being deployed to pin down Robert E. Lee's intrepid troops. To fill in the gap, the author imagines conversations among the principal actors in the unfolding drama...Mr. Kofman's writing style in describing battles is almost cinematic. Having spent time on several occasions at Gettysburg, I was able to read the author's account of that pivotal battle and feel as if I were there to hear the roar of the cannons and the rebel yell that accompanied Pickett's charge. This novel serves as an excellent addition to the already rich corpus of works that shed light on the national tragedy that was The War Between the excellent read" White Rhino Report

SA Examiner

"Robert Kofman has written a work of historical fiction ... with credibility and intrigue. Much more than a novel of historical fiction, "General Meade" is also a view of the issues plaguing the nation then and now ... a country divided by social issues, polarized political parties, partisan newspaper attacks, false news stories, war heroes and villains and an unscrupulous Congressional Committee."


"A riveting saga of war, violence, crisis, and partisan attacks. The story follows a war hero of the Union who falls victim to a fake news campaign designed to drag his name through the mud. Told through first-hand accounts, General Meade is riveting from cover to cover and highly recommended especially for Civil War Fiction collections."